Unified IoT Engine

Our uniq unified IoT engine acts as a central hub connecting and communicating with all IoT devices and systems in one single screen, regardless of their manufacturer or protocol. Benefits include streamlined device management, improved data analysis, enhanced security and greater scalability, allowing organizations to effectively manage and utilize their IoT devices, gain greater insights, improve efficiency, and drive innovation.


Mintyfi offers vendor and protocol agnostic IoT management platform as single-pane-of-glass centraly that allows organizations to manage and control their existing and new IoT devices and systems, regardless of the manufacturer, vendor or the protocol they use to communicate. It provides benefits such as flexibility, cost savings, integration, scalability, and interoperability. Our platform allows integration with all known protocol and communication technics and control of over 4000 known IoT devices.

It allows organizations to effectively manage and control their IoT devices and systems regardless of the vendor or the protocol they use.


Mintyfi acts as central proxy for vendor agnostic communication and easy automation. We are working hard for increase easy integration with all known premium network vendors and home to industrial IoT device providers. With this vision we offer scalable, ablity to integration with a wide range of devices, handle data management, provide security, automation, remote management capabilities, and be flexible and customizable to meet the specific needs of each organization. Also Mintyfi has API integration to communicate network equipments to create better IoT experience.

User Experince

Mintyfi works hard to save users existing iot complexity and provide very-easy-to-use user experince.

We belive Iot fun and IoT helps to understand better our enviroment.

mIoT Engine visually appealing, easy to navigate, responsive, automated, smart and interconnected, secure and customizable.

Public Services

mIoT Engine able to access cloud-based public services to combine information such as forecast, traffic, finance, and news is that it allows for more accurate, real-time, and contextually-relevant data to be used in decision-making and automation.

mIoT Engine provide matchless solution using public services such as more accurate weather-related decision-making in industries such as agriculture or construction. Integrating IoT with traffic information services can enable more efficient routing and scheduling for transportation companies. mIoT Engine integration of IoT with cloud-based public services allows for more efficient and effective decision-making, automation and communication.


Industry 2.0 to 5.0 is the progression of industry from traditional mechanical and analogue technology to advanced digital technology, characterized by the integration of technologies such as mass production, automation, computerization, the internet, cloud computing, big data, AI, IoT and edge computing to create a fully connected, autonomous, and intelligent manufacturing ecosystem. Upgrading to Industry 5.0 significant improved efficiency, increased flexibility, reduced costs, and improved product quality.

Mintyfi designed to communicate all industry technology systems to automate oldest to new systems in harmony.

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