Highly customizable multi-landing page

Allows businesses to create and customize multiple landing pages for guest access. This includes creating different landing pages for different groups of users and customizing the look and feel of the landing pages to match their brand.

This system also includes various authentication methods and redirects the user to different pages based on their access level or type of user. It help organizations to improve customer experience, promote their brand and increase engagement, collect user data, promote products, or provide special offers.

Multi Authentication Methods

Guest access multi-authentication methods techniques is a security measure that uses multiple forms of authentication to provide secure access to guest users. This includes a combination of user name and password, two-factor authentication, single sign-on, biometric authentication, and token-based authentication. By using multiple methods, businesses can increase the security of their guest access networks and ensure that only authorized users are able to access their systems.

Location Service Powered Wifi Marketing

Mintyfi Guest Access use a technique that combines location services with wifi marketing to deliver more relevant and personalized advertising and marketing campaigns to customers who are nearby. This can be done through wifi networks and can help businesses increase foot traffic, boost sales, and improve customer engagement.

On-Landing Guest Survey

A guest user survey form is a tool for gathering feedback from guests who have used a business's services or products. Designed customizable for used to gather information on satisfaction, product or service quality, staff performance, and suggestions for improvement.

Also, useful for identifying areas for improvement, measuring the effectiveness of current strategies, and personalizing services to meet the needs of guests. Incentives like discounts or coupons may be offered to encourage participation. The survey should be designed to be easy to understand and respond to, with clear and relevant questions.

Hotspot 2.0 (upcoming)

Mintyfi Passpoint allows for seamless and secure wifi connections. It offers improved user experience by eliminating the need to manually enter login credentials, enhanced security with WPA2-Enterprise, seamless roaming, efficient use of spectrum through "band steering" and better network management with detailed usage statistics and performance data. This technology also offers increased monetization opportunities and better integration with ISP networks for a more consistent user experience.