Identity & Policy Engine

Mintyfi offers vendor agnostic authentication central to manage known 802.1x based process. easy Active Directory, LDAP, Externa


Offers improved security, better compliance, increased efficiency, better scalability, better resource optimization, improved user experience, reduced risk of data breaches, better monitoring, better reporting and auditing, and better integration with vendor network edge equipments.

Also, we offer ready and custom element templates such as vendor attribute, actions and conditions.

Benefits of System Admins

802.1X session logs typically include information such as user identity, authentication status, authentication method, timestamp, device information, network access point, VLAN assignment, session duration, logout/disconnect, error information and some of the logs are captured and stored in a centralized log management system. This information can be used to troubleshoot connection issues, monitor network usage, and detect and respond to security threats.

Also we offer advanced EAPOL session visibility for easy troubleshooting.

Benefits Of Organizations

Ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive information and resources, meet regulatory requirements, automate the process of granting and revoking access and network segmentation, easily manage and scale access control as the organization grows, optimize the use of resources, improve the user experience, reduce the risk of data breaches, improve visibility into access control, provide better insights into who has access to what resources and when, and integrate with other security systems to provide a comprehensive security solution.